Chakra Healing Diffuser Bracelet

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The Chakra Healing Diffuser bracelet is hand made with 8 mm natural gemstones, Sterling Silver spacer beads and tag, and durable elastic cord. Shape, size, color, and pattern may vary slightly.

The stones in this bracelet help clear, balance, and activate your main energy centers, called chakras. The 7 chakras line up in the center of your body from the base of the spine and move upwards to the crown of the head.

Root: Carnelian - Strength, Courage, Motivation

Sacral: Citrine - Passion, Creation, Confidence

Solar Plexus: Tiger's Eye - Motivation, Will-Power

Heart: Aventurine - Soothing, Releasing negativity

Throat: Turquoise - Communication, Creativity

Third Eye: Sodolite - Clarity, Inner peace

Crown: Amethyst - Spiritual Enlightenment

Lava Stone (unwaxed): Grounding, calming. A great stone for anxiety and stress.

Recommended essential oils: Lavender is a great oil for releasing stress. It reduces anxiety and helps with sleep. Lemon essential oil has uplifting and energizing properties.

Instructions: Rub two drops of your favorite oil on the lava beads and enjoy the calming or energizing effects for up to two hours. Apply more as needed.