Zee Grace Tee Apparel is a Print On Demand (POD) company that specializes in  printing designs on various apparel such as t-shirts, hoodies, handbags, fanny packs, thermal bottles, and other accessories. 

With a Print On Demand (POD) company, items are printed when ordered. Meaning we do NOT pre-print products ahead of time. We only print them once the order is placed. Once an order is placed & paid for, it goes into a fulfillment process where the order is being manufactured. Once the fulfillment process is done, your order is then shipped out to you. 

**Due to COVID-19 & the safety of those working to fulfill orders, the fulfillment process time has increased to about 8-11 business days depending on the item. The normal fulfillment process usually takes about 3-5 business days depending on the product and or whether or not that product is in high demand. Please feel free to email us at to inquiry about an order after the fulfillment time of at least 7 business days. 

Zee Grace Tee Apparel would like to thank you for trusting us with the creation of your lifestyle apparel items. We sincerely apologize for any fulfillment delays and or shipping delays as a result of this pandemic. We will work hard to communicate any delays that may occur in the future.

Thank you for patience. Z.G.T

"May you walk in confidence with GRACE"